Dell Laptop and Computer Repairs Melbourne CBD

We offer professional Dell Laptop and Computer Repairs Melbourne at FixspotComputer. Our range of Dell laptop and computer repairs extends across a wide variety of services. As well as repairing Dell laptops and computers, we also offer Dell Laptop and Computer upgrade services. In addition, we also offer IT support and software related services.

For further details on our Dell Laptop and Computer repair services, please see the lists below. If you require a repair service that is not listed on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us at our branch. Let us know the details of your Dell laptop or computer type and the issues you are experiencing, and we can tell you where we think we should go from there.

For many Dell Laptop and Computer issues, evaluation of the laptop or computer by one of our repair technicians is often the best method for procedure. From there, we can see what repairs need to be done, and give you our professional recommendation.

Dell Laptop and Computer Repairs Melbourne

Dell Laptop Repairs

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Dell Laptop and Computer Repairs Melbourne CBD: Services, Upgrades and Price list

Dell Laptop Repair Type Service Summary Prices
Dell Laptop Screen Repairs / Replacement
  • Remove and replace your cracked LCD / LED Dell Laptop screen

From $179

(Price evaluated upon inspection)

Dell Laptop Graphic Chip Repair
  • Repair Dell Laptop graphic chip problem
Dell Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade / Replacement
  • Remove your faulty HDD
  • Install brand new 500GB Laptop HDD
  • Reinstall windows OS (Operating System)
Dell Laptop Motherboard Repair / Replacement
  • Repair or replace your old Dell Laptop Motherboard
  • Maximum charge $399 (inclu labor + parts)
$120 + parts
Dell Laptop Keyboard Repair / Replacement
  • Replace missing key
  • Replace or repair unresponsive keys
  • Replace or repair sticky keys
  • Replace or repair liquid damaged keys
  • Maximum charge $159 (inclu. labor + parts)
From $25
Dell Laptop Power DC Jack Repair Service
  • Repair damaged Dell laptop power jack
  • Remove burned or broken power jack
  • Replace with new Dell laptop power jack
From $169
Dell Laptop Optical (CD or DVD) Drive Repair
  • Repair or replace your Dell laptop CD/DVR
Dell Laptop Hinge Repair Service
  • Repair your broken Dell laptop hinge
Dell Laptop Overheating Repair Service
  • Clean out dust that may have accumulated causing laptop to overheat
  • Replace parts if necessary
Dell Laptop RAM / Memory Upgrade / Replacement
  • Assess your Dell laptop and recommend the best option for repair
  • Individual parts removed and installation of new parts
$30 + parts
Dell Laptop Spyware / Virus / Trojan Removal Service
  • Remove spyware / viruses / Trojans  / and pop-ups
  • Update existing internet / Firewall / security installation
  • FREE installation of Norton Anti-Virus with 1 year subscription (value of $69
Dell Data Recovery or Back-Up and Transfer Service
  • Please refer to our data services pages 

Dell Desktop Computer Repair Services List and Prices:

Dell Desktop Repair Type Service Summary Price
Faulty Dell Desktop Computer Repair Evaluation
  • Evaluate your Dell Desktop to find the problem
  • Repair / Replace the Dell Desktop fault (if needed)
$75 + parts
Dell Desktop Hardware Replacement / Upgrade
  • Evaluate the best option for you and give you our recomendation as well as repair price quotation
  • Individual parts removed
  • New parts installed
$25 per item
Dell Desktop Computer Data Recovery / Back-Up Services
  • Please refer to our data services page

Dell Laptop and Desktop Software Services and Prices:

Dell Software Service Type Service Summary Price
Dell Computer and Laptop Tune-Up
  • Tune-up your Dell computer so it runs like new again
Dell Computer and Laptop Spyware, malware, Trojan Virus Removal
  • Remove Spyware / virus / Trojans / pop-ups from your Dell computer
Dell Computer and Laptop Windows OS (Operating System) Repair
  • Fix booting up problems
  • Fix blue screen (usually caused by software error)
Dell Computer and Laptop Windows 7 Upgrade
  • Hardware performance check
  • Upgrade your Dell computer Operating System
Dell Computer and Laptop Software Installation / Troubleshooting / Support
  • Install or configure new software on your Dell computer
  • Software troubleshooting if Dell computer not functioning properly
From $75
Dell Computer and Laptop Software Data Recovery / Back-Up Services
  • Please see our data services page