MacBook Pro Repair Melbourne CBD

We cover every range of the MacBook Pro at Fixspot. From other MacBook  models to the MacBook Pro, we repair it all - and all at a reasonable price.

For MacBook Pro We offer in-store, home or business repairs - so if you can't make it in to our store, we can come to you.

Alternatively, you can send your damaged MacBook Pro into our store using our repair by post page. More details on this service can be found on our repair by post page.

As well as MacBook Pro repairs, we also upgrade MacBook Pro. And if you can't find the MacBook Pro service you're looking for on the table below, don't be shy - contact us and enquire directly about your Macbook repair and we can give you a free quotation. See below contact details for our MacBook Pro repair Melbourne. 

MacBook Pro Repair Melbourne CBD: FixspotComputer

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MacBook Pro Repair Melbourne CBD Services and Upgrades

MacBook Pro Repair Type Service Summary Prices
MacBook Pro LCD / LED Screen Repairs / Replacement
  • Remove and replace your cracked LCD / LED MacBook Pro screen


From $225


MacBook Pro Front Glass Repair
  • Remove and replace broken MacBook Pro front glass
From $135
MacBook Pro Graphic Chip Repairs
  • Repair display chipset
  • Repair graphic chip
From $185
MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade / Replacement
  • Replace or upgrade your MacBook Pro faulty RAM
From $99
MacBook Pro Hard Disk Drive Upgrade / Replacement
  • Remove faulty MacBook Pro HDD and install a new HDD
  • Reinstall Mac OS X and back up and transfer data (optional)
From $125
MacBook Pro Logic Board Repairs / Replacement
  • Repair or replace Macbook Pro Logic Board
From $250
MacBook Pro Keyboard and Touch Pad Repairs / Replacement
  • Replace any missing keys
  • Replace or repair any unresponsive keys
  • Replace or repair any sticky keys 
  • Replace or repair any water damaged keys
From $25
MacBook Pro Power Jack Repairs / Replacement
  • Remove burned or broken MacBook power jack
  • Repair or replace MacBook Power Jack
MacBook Pro Super Drive Repairs / Replacement
  • Repair or replace your Macbook Pro Super Drive
MacBook Pro Hinge Repairs / Replacement
  • Repair or replace your MacBook Pro broken hinge
MacBook Pro Overheating Repairs
  • Clean accumulated dust and oil up the bearing to eliminate overheating
  • Replace fan if required (parts excluded in price)
$120 + parts
MacBook Pro Parts Replacement / Upgrade
  • Assess what your MacBook Pro needs to ensure optimal function, and recommend the most suitable option for you
$98/h + parts
MacBook Pro Data Recovery / Back-up
  • Please refer to our data services pages
From $80